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Meet My Publisher: Auspicious Apparatus Press


I'm so very pleased to announce that I have recently signed on to work with Todd Barselow at Auspicious Apparatus Press. Todd has been my editor for many years and I was thrilled to learn that he had launched his own publishing platform. I was even more thrilled when he wanted to work with me on two projects.


Thanks to Auspicious Apparatus Press, GROWING UP DEAD, the first book in my popular Mortimer Drake series, is now available in audiobook format through I am also excited to announce that an omnibus edition of all four Mortimer Drake novels is now in the works. Fans and new readers will be able to purchase the entire series in one complete special novel. All this is in preparation for the release of the fifth book in the series.


Please check out the link below to learn more about Todd Barselow and Auspicious Apparatus Press.




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