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Edgar Flax:

The Neither Nor Series 

Book One: Death Runs in the Family

Life is hard. Death is even harder. It’s learning to survive in the middle that’s nearly impossible. Edgar Flax is a young man cursed with a powerful gift that allows him to travel between life and death.  He is forced to face supernatural challenges as he searches for the truth behind the sudden and bizarre disappearance of his parents. The dearly departed are never far from Edgar, and he soon learns that he is a pawn in a war that has been waging for centuries. Edgar discovers that neither the living nor the dead can be trusted. What's a boy to do?

Book Two: Crosswalker


Two secret wars are being waged; one that threatens the living, the other threatens the dead. And Edgar Flax is caught in the middle. Angry and resentful, he’s lived in the constant shadow of his parents’ disappearance, struggling to find meaning in a world where he had no control. Now he knows that he must risk his own soul and use his newly found gifts to travel to the other side if he wants to end this paranormal conflict and bring his parents back. But there are some doors that should never be opened. Some lines are not meant to be crossed. 

Book Three: Deadly Little Friends

 Trafficking with the dead is nothing compared to starting high school. 

Edgar Flax spent much of his adolescence living in isolation, hidden from the world by his family who feared his uncanny gifts would make him a target for their many enemies. Edgar, against the wishes of his uncle, enrolls in high school. He quickly learns navigating the social waters of making friends and pleasing teachers is a monumental challenge.

When a forgotten relative arrives, the fears of his family prove true. Her presence creates friction at home making Edgar’s school life more treacherous. Control over his abilities and a growing need to be accepted by his new friends are tested as deadly forces descend upon Bonnabel Plantation. 

Special Crossover Novel: Time of Death

Time of Death for Greg Ebook g.jpg

The living and the dead seldom make good friends, but there are times when unlikely souls cross paths. Mortimer Drake struggles against loneliness and isolation that only an immortal vampire can feel. He’s torn apart from the ones he loves most, separated from them by an unknown void that only the dead may cross.


Unless you know the secrets to opening the door between life and death.


Edgar Flax knows that secret, and he’s come to Mortimer’s world with his strange new friends. They all seek to save the world from an uncertain future, but to save the future, they must attempt to change the past, and time cannot be altered without dark and deadly consequences.

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