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The Life and Undeath of Mortimer Drake

Book One: Growing Up Dead


​Mortimer Drake discovers that he is the product of a supernatural mixed-marriage. His mother is human and his father is a 925 year old vampire. His life is completely turned upside down as he struggles with this knowledge and his emerging vampiric nature. The truth behind the myths and legends of the vampire are revealed as Mortimer enters into a centuries old war of the Undead.

Book Two: Out of the Underworld

​Mortimer Drake and his family continue to work towards a new understanding of how to survive as a supernatural family living in the mortal world. Unexpected events have altered their close-knit family even more as Mortimer’s mother gives birth to a baby girl. Is she human, vampire or something entirely different? A new battle in the war among the Undead begins as the Mother and Queen of the vampire race is discovered.

Book Three: Hope Against Hope

The world has changed for the living and the undead alike. Mortimer Drake and his family have been forced underground in the wake of the Dark Revelation. Humankind has learned of the existence of vampires and society has crumbled into chaos. The centuries old conflict between True-born vampires and Cross-blood vampires has taken a backseat to a new war that has spread across the globe. HOPE, an organization determined to wipe out the vampire race, has risen to power under the absolute authority of the Director. HOPE promises to restore peace, safety, and security, but that promise has a price. Vampires have been forced from the security of the shadows. They can no longer hide behind the myths and legends. If Mortimer wants to survive, he will have to learn to trust new friends with supernatural secrets of their own. If he fails, the world will never be the same again.

Book Four: Star Blood


The Collapse of the HOPE movement brought a renewed sense of unity to the world. For the first time in recorded history, humans lived side by side with creatures of myths and legends to build a new life fueled by optimism. Vampires are joined by their preternatural kin - merfolk, fairies, and werewolves - to pave a new path for life on Earth. But this feeling of faith and hope is short-lived. Mortimer and his friends must now a face a new enemy from somewhere beyond the stars that threatens to destroy all life on the planet.

SPECIAL OMNIBUS EDITION of the first four Mortimer Drake Novels in the series:
Check out this special editon of all four current books in the series. If you're new to Mortimer's world, then this is the place to begin. You can learn all about my young undead hero in one novel published by Auspicious Apparatus Press.
Book Five: The Sky Rained Death


The world has known peace and harmony for over a year. Mortimer Drake has risen to fame as the face of equal rights for all beings, both mortal and immortal alike. But a recent wave of supernatural terrorism now threatens this delicate state of coexistence. Chaos ensues as racial conflicts rise to terrifying heights. The supernatural world begins to implode as it lashes out at humankind. Fear becomes the new norm. Friendships are questioned. Compassion erodes. Trust is scarce. Mortimer and his allies must work together to prevent global destruction and restore peace to the planet before all life is driven to extinction.

Time of Death for Greg Ebook g.jpg

Special Crossover Novel: Time of Death

The living and the dead seldom make good friends, but there are times when unlikely souls cross paths. Mortimer Drake struggles against loneliness and isolation that only an immortal vampire can feel. He’s torn apart from the ones he loves most, separated from them by an unknown void that only the dead may cross.


Unless you know the secrets to opening the door between life and death.


Edgar Flax knows that secret, and he’s come to Mortimer’s world with his strange new friends. They all seek to save the world from an uncertain future, but to save the future, they must attempt to change the past, and time cannot be altered without dark and deadly consequences.

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